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Martin Jacobson

World Champion Poker Player

When I first started using CILTEP, my motivation level went up and also my ability to focus. I think it has had a great impact on my overall game since focus and motivation are key factors for a poker player.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

Dave Asprey


CILTEP has earned a place alongside world-class smart drugs like piracetam, gingko, and choline. It works synergistically with them to help you do – and be – more.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

AQ Shipley

NFL Player

I have been taking Natural Stacks products for a few weeks now and already notice a huge difference… I feel extremely well rested when I wake up which I used to always feel groggy. I have never felt better than I do now!

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

Nick 'Magnus' Aldis

Wrestler & Actor

My supplement routine varies but my constants are creatine, aminos, vitamins and minerals and high-BV protein. I use others, but those are my regulars. My favorite Natural Stacks products are CILTEP, BioCreatine, BCAAs and the Smart Caffeine, which I often take with a B vitamin complex.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: BioCreatine

Mike David

Radio Host

I’ve been doing talk radio for 10 years now, and after thousands of hours on the air, you can really start noticing the subtle differences between the type of mood you need to be in to do a good show.... I’m constantly experimenting with things that’ll help my brain fire quicker, and nothing I’ve tried over the last two years has been as consistent as the stuff I’ve been using from Natural Stacks.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: MagTech

Sam Shaw

Wrestler & Stuntman

My favorite Natural Stacks products are Vitamin D3, Krill, Chocolate protein (whey + collagen). I take Ciltep before wrestling matches or before long drawing sessions... Bio-hacking and making my brain work better each and everyday has become a huge part of my life.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: Natural Protein

Brittney Leeb

Nutrition & Training Expert

I would say Natural Stacks’ Natural BCAAs are CRUCIAL during periods of time without food - no other supplement has proven a difference the way BCAAs do. They also help repair muscles that were worked the day before and preserve muscle mass.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: Natural BCAAs

Josh Binstock

Canadian Olympian

Whenever you’re dealing with top level performance, every little advantage counts. In regards to supplements, Natural Stacks has that extra (healthy) kick that allows me to have the calm and finesse necessary to compete at the highest level.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

Ricardo Castaneda

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion

I love BioCreatine because in addition to getting me through tough training sessions, it also gives me a lot of mental endurance. I notice when I take it regularly, I don’t experience the usual mental fatigue that accompanies long, frequent training sessions… I take BCAAs before a few designated really tough training sessions and I always take the grass-fed whey afterward. I take MagTech every night and sleep like a baby most nights.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: BioCreatine

Sean McCormick

Flotation Expert

My tools of trade are floating combined with various bio-hacking techniques, supplementation, breath-work and visualization to help people reach their potential.... floating in the morning with Ciltep can help you get your mind right.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

Simon Whitfield


The Natural Protein flavor is just right and I was very surprised by the noticeable difference it made to morning routine when I added it to my coffee blend. I also take the Magtech supplement, the Ciltep when I feel focus is needed… I wish NS was around when I was racing!!!

Favorite Natural Stacks product: Natural Protein

Audrey Baldwin

Professional Soccer Player

With my professional soccer career taking off, my lifestyle has required extreme mental capabilities to match my physical training. Natural Stacks provides me with that extra edge that lets me stay focused even when I am tired and beat down. I felt the positive change immediately and I know I can depend on it all to keep me going.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: Smart Caffeine

Andy Hnilo

Founder & CEO of Alitura Naturals

As a CEO of a rapidly growing company, nutrition/fitness coach and working model, my days are packed to the brim. It is common to work 16-18 hours. Every single minute has to have a purpose and I have to constantly execute and move forward. I rely on CILTEP to keep me locked in and focused so I can continue to knock down goals and achieve success.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP & Natural Protein

Neil Ramirez

Pitcher, Chicago Cubs

As an athlete at the highest level I am always looking for the best quality supplements to perform at my best and recover faster. CILTEP gives me the edge I need to be locked in on the mound. The whole line of products from BCAAs to the Natural Protein keep my feeling as close to optimal as I can be during the grind of a long season.

Favorite Natural Stacks product: CILTEP

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